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Translation services

Translation servicesWith ‘Pearl of Albion’ you can book an interpreter for sequential or simultaneous translation on a wide range of topics relating to the different areas of science, engineering, manufacturing and business.

Our staff will arrange for translation of documents and texts and certify their authenticity as original documents. It is also possible that your text, article or essay may have been translated in English but you wish to check, correct, or in other words, ‘polish’ the text. In this case we may refer you to our English language specialist who will professionally adjust the text for you.

If you are not fully confident in English and need to attend business meetings, schools, go shopping or order lunch or dinner in a restaurant, we can provide an assistant and translator according to your requirements. This will facilitate the task and help overcome language barriers. We can provide Russian, German, Spanish, Italian Japanese and Chinese translators.

ur company also offers services to help improve your knowledge of English. Look under the ‘Education’ heading and check out our ’Practical English’ offer.