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How to choose a school in England

What to do when you choose a school in England for your child:

  • Determine the desired location of the school:
    Perhaps near London or another part of the country. Near the infrastructure of a major city or in an environment of its own in the countryside.
  • How to choose a school in England
  • Is the school mixed or for boys or girls only?
  • Find the school rating which is based on the results of final examinations.
  • Assess school facilities (Swimming pool, tennis court, etc.). Be sure to specify if there is a subject or sport your child has an interest in so that a school can be assessed with this in mind.
  • Extracurricular activities and their cost, such as learning a musical instrument etc.
  • What happens at the weekend? Can children leave the school? Would they need to be accompanied by a guardian?

Be sure to visit the school!

  • 1. Visit one or two classes. Are the teachers friendly?
  • How to choose a school in England
  • 2. Look at whether students are happy and tidy. Are they polite towards you? Try to talk with them and listen to what they say about the school.
  • 3. Visit the house where pupils live and see how it is equipped. Speak to the House Master who oversees the house. Ask how discipline is maintained.
  • 4. Ask about the number of students in the classroom and at school.
  • 5. What kind of food is provided?
  • 6. If you are a religious family, you need to specify in advance the issue. Most schools take children from families of all religions.
  • 7. What medical services are provided at the school?
  • 8. Become familiar with the school rules and vacation times. Each school has its own schedules.

During the visit you will feel the overall atmosphere of the school, and get answers to all the above questions and you may conclude whether the school is suitable for your child.