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Seminars in London

Our company organises seminars in London on the most developed areas of social, industrial and economic activity in Britain.

We offer the following seminar subjects:

  • The work of Notaries in England and Scotland
  • The work of Civil Engineers in Great Britain:
    • Engineering systems: heating, ventilation and air conditioning
    • Energy saving technologies
    • A visit to a construction site
    • A visit to The Royal Institute of British architects
  • Meat and dairy farming in the UK:
    • Farming in Britain
    • Farm visits, caring for animals, feeding, breeding, pasture
    • Veterinary services
    • Milk processing
    • The Economic aspect of business enterprise
  • The world of Gastronomy restaurant business:
    • Restaurant management
    • Restaurant visits
    • Cooking masterclass
    • Meeting with a famous British Chef.

Watch out for announcements and news about seminars on our website.

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