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Buying property in the Geat Britain

Buying property in the Geat BritainProperty in the UK is an attractive buy because of its prestige and despite its high cost. England is a leader in such indicators as the standard of living, cultural development and education. Owning property in the UK is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Reliable currency - The Pound Sterling, which practically does not fall in the value.
  • Compliance with state policy of bank deposits (unlike Switzerland).
  • Property in the UK tends to grow in value regardless of the economic situation in the country. For example last year property prices rose by 8%.
  • If your children are studying in England or spending a vacation in London, you save on the cost of hotels and guardian services while the price of your property is constantly grows. Owning a property in the UK dispenses with visa extension problems for your child if they have a desire to continue their studies in higher education and build their career in this country. Buying property in the Geat Britain
  • Property can be rented at a high profit when the owner is not in residence.
  • Owning property in England may qualify for a residence permit. However, we it should be noted that each case is different and requires a separate consultation with a lawyer which we could supply.
  • Becoming a resident of London will provide access to a huge amount of possibilities such as interesting, varied and informative leisure activities. London has a vast collection of museums, galleries, theatres, concert halls, clubs, restaurants, shops, stadiums, magnificent parks and architectural gems to investigate. Mild winters and summers of not extremely high temperature add a touch of comfort to the advantages already mentioned.

Properties available in the UK

  • Apartments;
  • A terraced house, in a row of houses;
  • A semi-detached house, a house adjoining but separate from another house;
  • A detached house, separate from neighbouring houses possibly with a garden;
  • A penthouse apartment, often on the top floor;
  • Manor House;
  • A castle;
  • Land.

*As a rule, the size of a property in Britain is considered in terms of the number of bedrooms and living room included in the plan of the apartment or house. In a modern home there is often an open plan arrangement with the kitchen and dining room having no division. In early houses kitchens and dining rooms are built separately but often altered afterwards.

Skilled professionals at Pearl of Albion, with extensive experience of purchasing property in the UK, will help choose the ideal option according to your requirements.

Properties in the UK:

Apartments Apartments
A terraced house Terraced house
A semi-detached house A semi-detached house
A detached house A detached house
A penthouse apartment A penthouse apartment
Manor House Manor House
A castle A castle
Land Land