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Higher education in Great Britain

Would you like to study for a higher education qualification in Britain? A good idea as higher education received in England is prized throughout Europe and Britain has the most prestigious educational institutions and scientific laboratories where scientists have regularly won the Nobel Peace Prize. Many prominent political figures from around the world studied at British universities, such as President Kennedy, Jawaharlal Nehru, Baroness Thatcher, former British Prime Minister and Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa.

Hghter education in Great BritainThe best option is to firstly study at a high school in Britain as the education system in Russia and Britain differ significantly. In Russia, school finishes with the 11th class. For a University education in Britain it is mandatory to complete 12th and 13th classes. At the end of 13th grade students must pass ‘A’ Level exams in order to be received at the first year of university. One alternative to education in the last grades at a British school is to study at an international college.

Children who have completed grade II in Russia must take a one year preparatory course at their chosen university and prepare to pass an English exam, obtain a certificate (a prerequisite for admission) and then enter the first year of university.

Higher education in the UK assumes completion of the curriculum necessary for the embarkation of study for one of the following degrees:

  • Bachelor's Degree (Bachelor Degree);
  • MSc (Master Degree);
  • Dr. (Doctoral or PhD Degree).

Training for a Bachelor's degree lasts for 3 years in England and Wales, four in Scotland. Depending on the specific area the degree covers a PhD can take up to 7 years.

Higher education in the UK A Master's degree is acquired within 1 to 2 years of training, which includes attending lectures, seminars, exams and the writing of a thesis, or 1-2 years of independent work under the guidance of scientific advisor, depending on the area of study.
For British programs learning in higher education is characterized by more subject specialization compared to Russia and, as a rule, the formation of small groups of students, giving more opportunities for creativity and enhanced communication with the teacher.
Before you choose a university, check ratings of all universities with specific interest in the course chosen. Employers are well aware of the degree of training at the "top" universities in the UK for certain professions and appreciate graduates from these universities.

To avoid confusion in all the intricacies of admission to higher educational institutions in Britain and to not miss a year of training, seeking the advice of professionals who will provide all necessary assistance is highly recommended.

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