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Education in England

Education in the UK has always been considered prestigious and important for those who aim for success in their professional activities. Successful completion of an educational process at an educational institution in Britain provides an important advantage and significantly increases the opportunity for career growth in the future.

Education in EnglandEducation in England - England increases prospects for a good job and the opportunity to live and thrive in other countries because English is the international language an education in Britain is the best in the world!

To succeed in a profession or to further the chances of your children, please contact the Department of Education at Pearl of Albion. One of the leading activities of Pearl of Albion is providing services in the field of education in Britain. We help you:

  • Choose private a boarding school for your child and find a good guardian who will take care of your child during the school year. If you do not wish your child to go to boarding school and want to personally participate in the educational process we can help choose a day school and help find suitable accommodation.
  • Learning English.
    We offer:
  • Stay or find a suitable family to stay with for the duration of study in Britain
  • Organize leisure time for you and your children.We will offer tours on weekends, organise shopping expeditions, help find restaurants, suggest clubs, events and other entertainment.
  • If necessary we can provide an interpreter.
  • We can provide all necessary information about visiting open days in schools and universities in the UK.

If you are unsure whether to study in Britain the following information may be of help:

Why study in England?

  • - British private boarding schools (where children learn and live) differ from other countries in their centuries old traditions, high quality teaching, exceptional academic atmosphere, wide variety of study disciplines and extracurricular activities. They have a very high world prestige. Within their walls almost all the English aristocracy and an international political elite are educated.
  • - Studying at a British school, your child absorbs the culture and traditions of the country, learning the language in a natural environment.
  • - During study in an English school children are assimilated into the environment and adapt to the method of teaching that facilitates admission to university.
  • - In the best British universities a unique mentoring system is practiced by an individual teacher for each student which significantly improves the quality of education.
  • - Science is a large and well-funded priority, which is why many scientific discoveries are made in Britain.
  • - Diplomas received in Britain are quoted around the world and increase the possibility of finding a good job and stay in the country.

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