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Purchasing property in London:

Stages of selection of real estate in London:

  • 1. We advise clients regarding the real estate market in England:

    We can help clients chose property. Upon completion of the application form available on the left hand side of the property page at this site, we can help clients choose and purchase property.

  • 2. Our experts will help choose the appropriate area of residence in London:

    We will accompany you on excursions around London, during which time the most comprehensive information about selected places of residence including district infrastructure facilities such as schools, hospitals, transport accessibility, historical and cultural attractions, etc. This is extremely useful and allows you to choose the most comfortable accommodation in London.

  • 3. Individual approach in finding residential or commercial real estate:

    We investigate the best options for you real estate purchase after analyzing the market in accordance with your wishes. We make inspections, take photographs which we send to you for approval. It is important that your agent, in this case, a representative of our company has examined the options personally. Photos do not reflect the true picture of the property as a rule, saying nothing about shortcomings. For example a home may be near a railway or airline route while offered for sale.

  • 4. View selected property:

    After having viewed pictures and checking and approving sent options, we coordinate your travel dates to view the options selected. To expedite your arrival and for the convenience of all services related to the organization of the trip, we can help with visas, transfers, and hotel booking fee. We will meet you at your hotel, office, home or at the airport at a convenient time of day and show you properties from the shortlist we picked up for you. We do not recommend customers to view more than seven properties in a single day. While watching, we draw your attention to all aspects of the home or apartment.

  • 5. The deal:

    Once we have found your perfect property, we will start negotiations with the agent or private seller on your behalf. Local knowledge available to us undoubtedly proves useful for buying properties at the best price. Once an agreement is reached on price, our partners, tried and tested lawyers, technical experts, surveyors, and other necessary specialists will assist in the conclusion of the transaction and registration required in accordance with applicable law. We will check the work of solicitors so that you can be sure the slightest error or delay will not be tolerated.

At this time we like to draw attention to potential problems involved in purchasing property. When you make a selection of the desired property we can arrange a special survey to identify possible shortcomings of the structure. If such a survey is not undertaken there is a risk of subsequently investing the same purchase price for a repair facility, especially if detected problems relate to sanitation, plumbing, electrical systems or serious mistakes in the construction of the building.

How to check the real state of real estate?

HSV - A Homebuyers Survey Valuation - is a check for defects and hidden problems when the test is performed on damp walls, checks the status of protection against moisture, the presence and condition of insulation. Check the condition of fireplaces, attics, chimneys, wood structures, and in particular the presence of mould which affects the condition of the property as a whole.

Also examined are areas belonging to the house; the garden, garage and fencing. Electricity, gas, central heating and plumbing are also examined. Experts compare the price of the property with the market as a whole as well as estimate the cost of reconstruction in case of fire. An expert opinion will give the real value of property.

This check is practiced in real estate, built in the 20th century, particularly from the 20s to the end of the last century.

Building Survey - a thorough check.

During a survey every possible check is made to detect defects with the property. Checks are made for damp walls, the quality of materials used in construction, condition and specifications of design, condition of timber (for the presence of mould and insects), protection from moisture, drainage, insulation and location of the facility.

As a result the approximate cost of necessary repairs is assessed and directions for future inspections if required, is made.

This survey is recommended if you are buying a house or apartment in an old house built before the 1920s or are under state listing (necessary if you plan reconstruction), or if you plan to buy an unusual previously rebuilt property.

In the case of buying a new home built not more than 10 years ago a full survey would not be necessarily be required because the property is subject to a builder’s warranty. If you encounter problems, you can contact the organization Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors - RICS.

Our Offers:

You can independently familiarize with the options for buying newly built or still under construction housing on the site of the famous English-builder Berkeley Group (go to the website of the company).

In the case if you are interested in something, please contact us and we will help you purchase a property and arrange or advise on interest you have any questions.