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Individual english language lessons

Pearl of Albion Ltd offers personalized English language training. There are the following options to choose from:

  • Private lessons in English during a guided excursion in England;
  • Individual English lessons with native speakers on Skype;
  • Individual English lessons with native speakers at the home of the student or if preferred at the home of the tutor;
  • э>English language tours with English speaking guide.

Questions can be answered with the help of the non binding application form which you can order online, to be found at the Pearl of Albion website, writing to us by e-mail or calling us on Skype directly from our site is also an option.

An excellent command of English is required today for paid work during long trips to other countries and choosing other countries for permanent residence.

There are many methods of learning English that will enable you to memorize the basics of grammar and to help you learn English well enough to communicate at a decent level.

Individual english language lessons