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Tourism with Pearl of Albion Ltd

Explore your senses with an exciting and unforgettable trip to Europe , Israel and Russia. Join us on an experience of a lifetime at Pearl of Albion.

Our professional guides can take you on unusual and unique tours around the most interesting areas. We hike in Scotland, meditate in Israel, try the wonderful national cuisines of Hungary, France, Great Britain and Israel. Visit famous antique exhibitions. How about a day shopping in London with a professional clothes stylist. We have unusual walks, music tours and much more. We can create tailor made guided tours of your choice including the most interesting routes.

We at Pearl of Albion will provide with the most comfortable, stress-free and exciting stay at our many unique and exciting destinations. We only work with professionals who will make your stay enjoyable, varied and rich in experience.

Pearl of Albion employees have a high degree of professionalism and aim to please and surprise our customers.

Tourism with Pearl of Albion will make your stay unforgettable! We will be glad to see you among our many satisfied clients!

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