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Day trips in the UK

Day trips in the UK- for individuals or groups by car or coach to the most famous and interesting sites and cities of England await your pleasure.

Day trips in the UKTours of Britain with Pearl Of Albion Ltd- is a bus or car trips, lasting usually from 4 to 9 hours, depending on the chosen tour, accompanied by a professional guide. We provide comfortable transport ( See our transfers ).

A tour of Britain with Pearl of Albion is an experience to remember! By coach or car and lasting from 4 to 9 hours, depending on the chosen tour you will be accompanied by a professional guide. Your comfort on these tours is a high priority.

Choose the area that most interests you below for a one day tour of England.

With us you’ll experience the atmosphere of magnificent castles, still keeping the spirit of old England alive. Learn interesting stories from the lives of past owners and become acquainted with the local architecture and lifestyle of the most diverse cities in the UK. We can visit Stonehenge, an ancient stone circle and the ruins of a castle nearby. Also we’ll see the round table thought to be used by the legendary King Arthur and his knights at Winchester.

If you are an artist or interested in painting, there’s an opportunity to paint ‘au plain air’ in Salisbury plain under the guidance of a professional artist, combined with a city tour of Salisbury and dinner in a wonderful old pub.

Book your favourite tour in England, or ask questions by phone. Call us on Skype or drop us an e-mail, specifying a tour. We’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Choose the one day tour to England:

Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon (8-9 hours)

Day trips in EnglandOxford - an ancient university city is surrounded by rivers and canals, making a walk through the city a very relaxing experience. University buildings, open to visitors are scattered throughout the city but the most significant and well-known colleges are located in the city’s centre including one of the most important and aristocratic colleges, Christ Church College, amongst whose famous alumni are the philosopher John Locke, expert in the field of fertility and peer of the realm Dr Robert Winston, Professor of mathematics Hugh Auden, author of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Lewis Carroll and many other prominent dignitaries.

Day trips in England Stratford-upon-Avon - Birthplace of 16th century playwright, William Shakespeare, who’s birthplace we visit, Stratford upon Avon has preserved a medieval look almost intact. We see Elizabethan buildings and Gothic churches that Shakespeare would have strolled by and experience the atmosphere of his father's workshop where beautifully crafted gloves were made in the house where Shakespeare was born. Costumes from the characters of Shakespeare’s plays are also on display here. The Church of the Holy Trinity where the poet was baptized and married, and where his ashes lie will be visited.

Stonehenge and Bath (8-9 hours)

Day trips in EnglandStonehenge one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world consists of earthworks surrounding circular and u-shaped structures made of large monolithic blocks of stone brought from Wales on wooden rollers. It is located in the center of the densest complex of Neolithic monuments from Bronze Age England. Answers as to why and by whom it was built are beginning to be found relating to astronomical calculations and ancient burials. We have the opportunity to make up our own mind after listening to different solutions.

Day trips in EnglandBath. Since time immemorial, people appreciated the medical benefits of hot mineral springs in this area and formed a settlement here. The Romans in the first century built magnificent baths, continued to be used over centuries and with us at Bath today. The city became a fashionable resort. It’s appearance dates from the 18th century when architect John Wood Sr. built the city on a single plan. The city has attracted masses of people wanting to visit the modern spa, built in 2006, with modern saunas, hot tubs and several swimming pools, one which is located in the open air on a roof with magnificent views over the city.

Stonehenge and Salisbury (8-9 hours)

Day trips in EnglandSalisbury. A town famous for its cathedral visited during the tour. The only cathedral completed in the 13th century and reaching us intact. Gothic interiors are combined with modern art. Ancient burials hide secrets which we'll uncover. Also here is stored the original Magna Carta, signed in 1215 by King John which later became the basis of the American constitution.

Day trips in EnglandMistical Stonehenge one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world consists of earthworks surrounding circular and u-shaped structures made of large monolithic blocks of stone brought from Wales on wooden rollers. It is located in the center of the densest complex of Neolithic monuments from Bronze Age England. Answers as to why and by whom it was built are beginning to be found relating to astronomical calculations and ancient burials. We have the opportunity to make up our own mind after listening to different solutions.

Canterbury and Leeds Castle (8-9 hours)

Day trips in EnglandCanterbury. A charming town situated on the River Stour in Kent existing for centuries since Celtic times. We see here examples of Roman habitation in the city walls, and proceed to the cathedral, striking in its architecture. Here King Ethelbert, first of among English monarchs was baptized in the 10th century. Saint Augustine, sent by Pope Gregory in AD 597, began spreading the Christian faith from the town, later to be canonised. For many centuries, pilgrims came to the cathedral, inspiring author Jeffrey Chaucer to write ‘The Canterbury tales’.

Day trips in England Leeds Castle. The history of this castle, surrounded by a lake, derives from the 11th century when built under private ownership. In the middle ages, the castle passed to the Royal family and monarchs handed it down trough their wives. In the 16th century Leeds again became private property and it was in the 20th century that according to the will of the last owner Lady Bailey the castle became open to the public in the 1970’s. Inside you can see interiors from the middle ages to an art deco style. The gardens contain a magnificent collection of exotic birds amongst them flamingos.

Cambridge (7 hours)

Day trips in EnglandThe campus was founded in the 13th century on the banks of the River Cam by a small group of teachers and students who escaped the stringencies of Oxford and founded schools, which later received the status of a university. Today at Cambridge there is magnificent architecture with ancient and more modern colleges. It has its own character distinct from Oxford. Several colleges, one of which produced 33 Nobel Prize winners will be on our visitor route, and if the weather permits, a ride on a famous flat-bottomed boat or punt on the River Cam provides a perfect end to the day.

Brighton (8 hours)

Day trips in EnglandBrighton. Known as ‘London by the sea’, Brighton has been a seaside resort since the late 18th century. Here Dr. Russell promoted the healing properties of sea water, one of his patients being the Prince Regent who revelled in the secular society of Bath in Brighton as it was known and built a palace in the Oriental style, The Brighton Pavilion, where he had a great time away from his father's prying eyes. We visit this magnificent recently restored building and perhaps take tea here on the balcony overlooking its former gardens. Afterwards we might linger awhile in antique shops, clothes boutiques and intimate cafes in the famous narrow shopping streets called ‘The Lanes’. After enjoying the city we can enjoy a stroll along the promenade and perhaps on the pier take a healthy lung full of sea air which Dr Russell would almost certainly have approved of.

Winchester (7 hours)

Winchester. A town since the time it was capital of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex. An early form of Parliament used to be held here. Famous for its cathedral where Anglo-Saxon kings are buried and an ancient hall where we see a round table at one time thought to be used by the legendary King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table for meetings.

Day trips in EnglandDay trips in England

Salisbury Plain (8 hours)

Day trips in England We will travel to one of the most picturesque corners of England, and to the small city of Salisbury, famous for its magnificent Gothic cathedral which we also visit. Then to the open countryside visiting locations where John Constable painted his masterpieces. We will paint from nature under the guidance of a professional artist. After this creative exercise go for lunch in a colourful, traditional, old- style pub. In addition many other very exciting locations in London are suitable for painting exercises are available to us.

Warwick Castle (5 hours)

Day trips in EnglandWarwick Castle. A flawless medieval structure thanks to the care of its present owner, Madame Tussaud’s. We can walk through the old halls of this castle and feel the party atmosphere at the end of the 19th century. A less savoury aspect can be experienced in the dungeon. In the warmer months professional actors help us relive the castle’s past and we can learn archery, jousting, play at tournaments and go on training exercises for military campaigns of the 15th century. Children love the ambiance of this ideal destination.

Blenheim Castle (4 hours)

Day trips in EnglandBlenheim Castle. Part of the family estate of the 11th Duke of Marlborough who lives here today. The palace is a monument to the 1st Duke Marlborough who’s victory at the Battle of Blenheim, a German village is remembered at this ancestral home. It was here that Sir Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister during the Second World War was born, resting today in the churchyard of a nearby picturesque village, which we also visit. We’ll experience magnificent 18th century interiors at this spectacular palace seen at its fullest glory when viewed from beautiful gardens outside.

Arundel Castle (6 hours)

Day trips in EnglandThe magnificent Arundel Castle in Sussex dates back to the 11th century and is considered the cradle of Catholicism. For many centuries, it has belonged to the same dynasty. The Duke of Norfolk, present owner who lives there to this day will gladly open for the castle for visitors. The castle impresses with its grandeur, furniture, paintings and beautiful gardens.

A visit to Chartwell and Hever Castle (8 hours)

Day trips in EnglandA visit to Chartwell.Almost nothing has changed in this house, designed exclusively to the liking of Sir Winston Churchill for an enjoyable stay and rest. Surrounded by magnificent natural landscapes, which he also had a hand in designing, one gets the impression that the spirit of this great politician, military historian and extraordinary man still hovers in the house. His paintings still left at his studio helped Winston to relax.

Day trips in EnglandHever Castle . Ancestral home of Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII. As we go through the delightful rooms of this former private estate we are immersed in the history of the Tudor dynasty and the unexpected twists of fate that suffused the Boleyn dynasty. Outside we can take a stroll around the lake and water maze in the beautiful gardens.

Woburn Abbey (7 hours)

Day trips in EnglandWoburn Abbey. The magnificent 18th-century mansion is located on the site of a medieval abbey, destroyed at the time of King Henry VIII’s Reformation. For many centuries the mansion has been in the possession of the Russell-Tavestok family who live here to this day and share their home with visitors, their portraits from the 15th century being on display. Windsor Safari Park, part of this estate is where a huge variety of wild animals can be seen at a very close distance. An ideal venue if travelling with children, and in the warmer months.

A visit to Uncle Rothschild

Day trips in EnglandLet's take a journey into a pocket of English aristocracy at Waddesdon Manor where luxury and beauty, richer than at royal palaces can be seen. For more than a century the Rothschild dynasty made their home here. Real pleasure can be experienced not only from the house but also the magnificent gardens.

Day trips in EnglandThis route can also include a visit to nearby Hughenden Manor, home of Disraeli, Prime Minister at the time of his beloved Queen, Victoria, whom he gave the additional title of ‘Empress of India’. In addition to a pleasant house surrounded by gardens, the family history of one of the cleverest men of his time is explained.